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Integration of Oracle Fusion SaaS with Salesforce Platform

Today, no business is immune to disruption. Digital advancements are changing the game in every industry, challenging leaders to reinvent operating models, customer experiences, and even workforces.

Increasingly, the cloud is where businesses go to embrace change, and mobilize resources to outcompete in the technology landscape.

But every business or organization will chart a different path to the cloud, one that matches the organization’s business priorities, existing infrastructure, and appetite for change. Some are focused on increasing agility and reducing operational costs. Others look to the cloud to help accelerate global expansion plans and harmonize operations.

Now days every company wants SaaS or PaaS platforms due to the advantages and value for money they deliver to their clients like ready to use, low cost of maintenance and scalability. Because a SaaS can’t fulfil or deliver all the needs of an enterprise so an enterprise client will need multiple SaaS for their need and thus comes a challenge of integrating different SaaS or platforms. Here Integration services or platforms comes in picture to enable different platform and services communicate with each other to deliver the business services for an enterprise.

Salesforce platform is a CRM tool and also an application development platform. Clients can choose Salesforce CRM for their customer relationship and on the other side can choose SaaS ERP like Oracle Fusion for their accounting, procurement, payment needs. Both these platforms has their own capabilities which a client can choose on the basis of their requirements.


Oracle Integration Cloud service is offered by Oracle Cloud to integrate different platform or services. One advantage of Oracle Integration is ready to use adapters for different services and platforms. OIC has ready adapters for both Salesforce and Oracle Fusion SaaS. Using these developer of Oracle Integration can develop integration applications quickly.

Examples of information flow between Salesforce and Fusion ERP could be Customer data, users data and any custom data captured in Salesforce or any enterprise data integration from Fusion into Salesforce.

Oracle Integration cloud provides a prebuild salesforce adapter for inbound and outbound integrations.

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